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American Dad Podcast #5: Dads and Gaming. Good or bad for the family?

What has the American Dad Podcast team been up to?

The common theme that exists between all of the dads on the show is that we work a lot.  And essentially that’s what we have been up to.

Andrew’s Thanksgiving

My dad made it up for Thanksgiving and spent about 4 days with us.  We had Thanksgiving at my wife’s parent’s home and had a really enjoyable evening laughing, eating and telling stories.  As expected my wife’s mother made her specialty desserts that my wife and her family love.  They had some pumpkin pie on hand as well so I was a happy camper.

While my dad was visiting we tried to do as many family things as possible.  My dad played UNO, Nerf Dart gun wars, the game of LIFE and Laser Tag with the kids.  Even though I think it is difficult for my kids to maintain a strong relationship with their grandmother and grandfather, my kids manage to pick up right where they left off each time they see their grandparents. It inevitably feels like we have to make up for a significant amount of lost time in a short amount of time.

Parents live longer than those who do not have children

I thought this news article was very interesting because it is the opposite of what I would have guessed. After thinking about it a bit more it makes quite a bit of sense.  I remember my personal attitude before being a husband and father.  I was much more of a “Tommy Tough Guy”, and more willing to have a confrontation with the jerk that cut me off on the road or the guy that gave me a dirty look.  I was much more likely to drive faster on the road and take more chances.

Fast forwarding to today I avoid conflict that can be avoided, I don’t drive fast and take my time when driving, and I avoid risky areas.  I now think about how I need to be there for my children and my wife rather than only being responsible for myself.  It is my duty to be there for them and to protect them.  I am aware of my surrounding more than ever since becoming a family man.  You can see how I can completely agree with the aforementioned article’s assessment of being a parent.



My mother recently made me aware of the alternate version of Yahtzee in the Apple App store called Dice with Buddies.  If you are looking for a quick entertaining game to play with people you know or even random people, Dice with buddies is the game for you.  The object of the game is to roll various determined combinations of dice and score more points than your opponent.  You have three chances to roll each turn and sometimes you even get a bonus turn.  I grew up playing Yahtzee with my parents and it was one of the most entertaining and simple games that anyone can play.


I recently saw the movie Wreck it Ralph with my family.  Wreck it Ralph is a about a video game character that feels unappreciated and unwanted in his video game role.  With some taunting by others in the video game he goes into another video game in the attempts of winning a medal.  This journey takes him on a fantastic adventure.  The whole family will love this movie.


Nerf gun

Are you looking for a toy that the whole family can play with?  Chris and I personally recommend Nerf Dart guns for all family members.  My son, daughter, and their grandpa had a huge, fun dart gun battle with the Nerf dart guns.  The darts are made of foam with rubber suction cups at the end of them.  I would suggest wearing some goggles as many darts seem to make their way to the head.  The darts don’t hurt but I would want to protect the eyes just in case.  The guns are relatively cheap for the repeat fun value they have.  You can find these guns at Target or through our Amazon affiliate link.

Gamer Dads.  Good or a Bad thing for the family?

Luka, Chris and I had pretty good memories as children playing video games.  Chris and I had particularly fun memories with our dad playing 007 on the Nintendo.  We all had some pretty strong opinions about the subject.  I won’t spoil the main content here. I will write more on this topic in the future.

Thanks for listening

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