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American Dad Podcast #6: Who has the Best Santa?

The American Dad Podcast team has been quite busy.  I wish I could say there was something exciting that has happened since the last podcast but like most people we go to work and do the best we can to keep a work life balance.

American Dad Podcast News

We have been doing our best to begin ranking in Google for various keywords.  Most recently we made it to #10 in the rankings for Dad Podcast.  We were pretty excited about this since the website has been up for such a short period of time.

Additionally we are very proud that the podcast has made it on the New and Notable section in iTunes.  We are positioned next to some very well known television show podcasts like Ellen.  We may take a slight break with the podcast during the weeks around Christmas so that we can prepare for the holiday.

Who has the best Santa?

During the podcast we had a little bit of a debate in regards to whether parents go to specific locations to get pictures done with a Santa Claus.  I express to the other dads that we go to a great Santa in the Tacoma, Washington mall.  I declared to the dads that our Santa was quite frankly the most realistic looking Santa I had ever come across.  Furthermore he was great and went above and beyond taking his time with each child that sat on his lap as they told him what they wanted for Christmas.  Chris and Luka didn’t agree that parents seek out a good Santa but I know I can’t be the only one.  I will say that my brother in law and his wife drive nearly 30 minutes to go the same Santa as I do every year because he does such a great job.

Who has the Best Starbucks?

Because I was forced into the discussion of the better Santa, Chris made me relive a poor Starbuck experience in Vallejo.  The moral of the story was that I felt that Starbucks employees seem to care about the customer in general a bit more in Washington then they did in California.  Chris retold the bad experience story but you will just have to listen to the podcast to get the full flavor of Chris not agreeing with my thoughts.

The Main Show

Christmas was the main theme of the podcast.  Chris, Luka and I discussed different family traditions coming together for the holidays.  Of the three of us, Chris probably had the least amount of tradition combining.  Luka spoke about his wife’s previous holiday tradition and how it combined with his.

My mother told me about something she had heard years ago. She said the wife and husband come into the marriage carrying their own flag.  Each flag stood for their traditions.  After the couple is married a new flag is made which blends together both traditions in the family.  I believe this holds true to some extent for every family. It’s always interesting to see how each family combines traditions and to hear if there were any struggles along the way.  You can always learn something from someone else’s experiences.

Well that about wraps it up. I hope you enjoy the podcast.  Luka shared another poem so be sure to check that out.


Andrew and the American Podcast Team

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