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How to be a better husband – We need to think about it more

Sometimes we as husbands go through our marriage not thinking that it requires work.  We think only bad marriages require work. We love our wives but we come to our marriages uneducated to some degree.  We have a disadvantage because many of us enter a marriage with limited husband skills.  …

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American Dad Podcast #7: How to protect our children in schools. School shootings and safety.

The American dads have managed to keep on their week podcast schedule which can be a difficult task considering our schedules.  Below is some updates and summaries of topics discussed in this weeks podcast. What have we been up too? Well I (Andrew) have managed to take most of the …

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American Dad Podcast #5: Dads and Gaming. Good or bad for the family?

What has the American Dad Podcast team been up to? The common theme that exists between all of the dads on the show is that we work a lot.  And essentially that’s what we have been up to. Andrew’s Thanksgiving My dad made it up for Thanksgiving and spent about …

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Remembering Our Veterans

Every year I plan on taking Veterans Day off from work because I am a Veteran, and every year I seem to forget.  Then I complain to my wife about working that day and she reminds me that we have the same conversation every year (which is true).  But good …

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Fat Dad Update #1

It has been a few weeks since I wrote “I am too Fat to Play With my Kids”.  My wife and I have been ramping up to a better eating and healthier lifestyle.  We both have done some moderate exercise but it really hasn’t amounted to very much for my …

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