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American Dad Podcast #5: Dads and Gaming. Good or bad for the family?

What has the American Dad Podcast team been up to? The common theme that exists between all of the dads on the show is that we work a lot.  And essentially that’s what we have been up to. Andrew’s Thanksgiving My dad made it up for Thanksgiving and spent about …

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American Dad Podcast #3: Cheap Family Activites

What can I say about this episode of American Dad Podcast.  Luka gets the show started on the right foot with an awesome unexpected introduction.  I just never know what Luka is going to bring to the show each week but it always ends being entertaining. This week went by …

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Do Have Awkward Family Pictures From Vacation?

I don’t have too many awkward family pictures.  This is mainly due erasing them if they don’t look good.  Summer Vacation is just about over my my family and we took quite a bit of pictures.  Not many were awkward (at least in my eyes) but some were.  This video …

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