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American Dad Podcast #2: Disciplining your Child

In this session of the American Dad Podcast we talk about the very controversial an opinionated topic of disciplining your children.  The interesting thing about this topic is that everyone one comes from a different upbringing and has a different philosophy as how to discipline a child.  Luka talks about his experiences with discipline as a child and how different it was from Andrew and Chris’s childhood.

We are still trying to fine tune the duration of the podcast.  Ideally we would like to keep it under 45 minutes however we find that we have such a good time during the podcast we can easily go over that mark.

We also recap our Halloween experiences and cover some funny recent family/kid stories.  Luka had an interesting baby experience that may have happened to every parent.  It’s particularly funny the way Luka explains the story.

In this episode Andrew, Chris and Luka talk about:

  • The Great Wolf Lodge.  Andrew and his family just finished up an overnight stay at this resort.  The had an indoor water park, a buffet restaurant, an arcade, a multi-media game center, a magic quest (which look really cool), a kids spa (wow is all I can say), an adult spa, a huge gift shop, story time and a crafts room.  Andrew figured out that he could not do everything in one night and plans to return very soon as he had a great time with his family.
  • Iphone Apps for parents which include Evernote (an awesome note taking application), Punch Quest (a fun game for kids or adults), He-Man: The most powerful game in the universe (great game), and the Luka mustache picture making app called Aviary.
  • We give a shout out to the Veterans for the upcoming Veterans Day on November 11, 2012.
  • We talk briefly about the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterI would not recommend this movie for children appropriate for adults.  This is an action packed movie with the majority of the cast being unknown actors.  Andrew and Chris really enjoyed the movie.
  • We also briefly discuss the children’s movie Hotel Transylvania.  We all agreed this was a very good and entertaining movie for the whole family.  Andrew recounts how the theater clapped at the end of the movie because it was soo good.  This movie is a must see movie.
  • Luka talks about a how he really enjoys using his all in one bassinet.  Apparently his bassinet is a changing table and sleeper and he loves it.  Luka could not remember the name of the bassinet but he knew that he bought it at Babies R Us.
  • Chris talks about the how Legos continue to entertain his children however he has changed the way he buys Legos.
  • The American Dad Podcast website is slowly coming together with content.  We are just at the beginning stages of this adventure and we will continue to add to the site as time goes on.  We are both working dads so we are doing our doing our best to add as much as possible.
  • If you have questions or want to post some dad pictures of your own make sure to stop by the American Dad Facebook page.  Be sure to like the page to see when new information has been added to the site.
  • And finally if you enjoy listening to the podcast, be sure to give it a 5 star rating on iTunes so other will be able to find this podcast.  If you don’t think it is worth a 5 star rating, give it what you think it deserves.

Thank you all for listening and supporting the show,

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