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Having no Regrets as a Parent- Podcast #9

Chris, Luka and I are back on the mic.  Luka’s schedule lightened up little and he had some time to sit in on this episode.  Chris and I love the additional humor and flavor that Luka always brings to the podcast.  The audio player for the podcast is at the bottom of this post.

What’s been going on?

Luka has 3 jobs and has been working quite a bit recently.  It just so happened that all three forms of employment were very busy. With the remaining time he did have available he spent it with this family.  That is what’s really important.

Chris has been working diligently on some projects for the podcast while keeping up with his family and work.  We were able to record this podcast because Chris was able to take an unexpected day off. Chris spent some valuable time with the family looking at homes (who doesn’t love that) and having lunch at their favorite restaurant. 

Due to daycare changes in my household I have been scheduling myself to be home during the week more often.  I get to take my daughter to school and pick her up which is something I enjoy very much.  My son  has received quite a bit of my time and we were able to do some outings.

We also had an unexpected play date at the Tacoma Children’s Museum.  My son’s friend and father met up with my son and I for a play date.  This was my first play date experience with my son.  My son loved playing with his friend and I really enjoyed getting to know his friend’s father.  The father and I were able to shoot the breeze and learn a little about each other.  Overall we had a great time.

Dad Movies and Kid Movies

Hotel Translyvania
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Hotel Transylvania

This monster movie will definitely gain the applause from the entire family.  Adam Sandler who plays an overprotective vampire father tries to keep his daughter from venturing out of the home to see new things.  Meanwhile a human accidently finds his way into the hotel only designed for monsters which causes quite a commotion in the hotel.  I won’t spoil anything for you but they did a great job with this movie and American Dad hosts recommend this movie.

Parent Movie: Total RecallTotal Recall

I was presently surprised to see that they did a better job making this movie then the original.  With a great cast that includes Colin Farrell, Kate Beckenstale, and Jessica Beil, there is non stop action and you will not be disappointed.

Courageous MovieFamily Movie: Courageous

Chris was the first person that brought this movie to my attention.  Chris attended this movie believing that is was about the day in the life of a police officer.  Chris soon found out that the movie was more about being a better parent and the commitment to being a better father.  Needless to say it is quite a tear jerker for anyone.

I saw this movie several months later with my wife.  The movie seems to touch the very core of what we as father need to be doing with our children.  I am a pretty sentimental guy as it is but I basically was teary eyed throughout the entire movie.  It’s one of those movies where the truth of film touches your heart and makes you reflect on yourself.  Though I feel like I am a pretty good dad, this movie inspired me to be a better father.  I am very thankful for this movie.

iPhone Apps for KidsWrestleFest App

My son was introduced to the WWE Wrestle Fest app on my iPhone recently.  We then put the app on my iPad because it was just a bit more fun to have a larger screen.  The app is free if you choose the “Lite” version. You get to wrestle stars of the WWE while you control Jake “The Snake” Roberts.  If you choose to upgrade, you can purchase packages of wrestlers to play with.  I particularly liked this because my son was able to see the old wrestlers from when I was growing up along with the more recent wrestlers of today.  Tons of replay value for kids or dads.

Main Show- Avoid Regrets as Parents

One of my biggest fears as a father and a husband is having regrets that reflect being a good husband and being a good father.  I personally don’t want to look back and say something like, “I wish I would have told my children I loved them more, or that I hugged them more.”  I am sure I will have regrets in my life but I won’t regret the ones that truly matter to me (if I can help it).

With that being said the three of us talked about some touchy subjects.  Some defensive walls were raised when all three dads didn’t agree on some of the talking points.   Below are a few of the talking points we covered during the podcast.

  • Having Good Finances – Having reasonable finances allows for moms and dads to work reasonable hours and not just be working for the toys.  In other words the parents aren’t having to over work and spend less time with their families.  There is a lot of stress in families that have financial struggles.
  • Spending Quality Time with the Family – As the title indicates we discuss spending time with our families. 
  • Being there for Teaching Moments – I would personally like to be the one teaching my children how to be a good man or woman.  This responsibility is mine as a father. 
  • Telling your Children you Love them – We happen to go overboard with this compared to other families (we are assuming).
  • Making it to Special Events – School events, parent teacher conferences, music recitals, basketball games, wrestling matches.  Whatever it is we need to try to be there.  We can’t always be there but we should do our best.
  • Field Trips– You should just listen to the conversation on this one.
  • Play Time– Control what you can control.  If you are home then you likely control the play time with your children.  This is where I would say turn off the television and go play Barbie’s with your daughter or wrestle your son. 

I think the conversation between the American Dads does a better job at getting to the core of these topics.

Hope you enjoy the podcast. 

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