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Overprotective Parents

What is an Overprotective Parent?

The definition of Overprotective Parents is basically described as to protect too much or to coddle.  In other words it is the word given to a parent who worries and cares a great deal about their children.  It can also be referred to parents who are just observant and normal.

I wanted to name this website Overprotective Parents because I consider myself to be somewhat of an overprotective parent and I am not ashamed of it.  Being overprotective in regards to parenting or anything for that matter is subjective.  What appears to be overprotective to one parent might not be overprotective at all to another parent.

Helicopter Parents

Overprotective parents are often compared to helicopter parent because it relates to a parent hovering over their child.  I have Overprotective parentshovered over my children quite a bit in their younger years.  While hovering I have had the opportunity to teach them what is safe, what are good and bad decisions and how to be good to others.  I am not waiting for the wrong influence to come around and get to my children before I can have my influence on them.

What society fails to remember is all the negligent parents that are not raising their children at all.  The concern should be for the parents that don’t provide boundaries or a safe place to come home to after school.  These negligent parents are more worried about themselves, rather than focusing their love and attention to something more than their selves.

So with this platform I get a chance to stand up for the overprotective parent, the helicopter parent, the snowplow parent and whatever name can be developed for a parent that is involved with their child’s life.  Don’t judge a parent just because they are more involved with their children then you decide to be.  Just because their lifestyle allows for them to participate doesn’t make them a bad parent.

This website also allows for me to not only discuss issues with overprotective parents but to talk about my trials as a parent and to give a snapshot of my life.  I hope that many years from now my children can read some of my thoughts in this blog and get a chance to see what I was thinking from time to time.  This is like and overprotective dad diary or blog.  It doesn’t really matter what you call it but I do know that this is my platform and I am going to use it.

The American Dad Podcast

The American Dad Podcast is something I started with my brother and his friend. After 15 episodes my brother and his friend separated from the podcast and I continue to make shows as much as possible.  This is yet another platform to share things about being a parent and I encourage you to listen to the podcast, read what is on this website and share any opinions on the things I discuss.

I look forward to hearing from those who either read the blog or listen to the podcast.

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