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American Dad Podcast #7: How to protect our children in schools. School shootings and safety.

The American dads have managed to keep on their week podcast schedule which can be a difficult task considering our schedules.  Below is some updates and summaries of topics discussed in this weeks podcast.

What have we been up too?

Well I (Andrew) have managed to take most of the week off before the Christmas week.  I have had quite a bit of Daddy Do’s to do before my mother comes up to visit up for Christmas.  My Daddy Do’s mostly consist of painting a room in the house and painting the window trim. 

I was able to put together a short video about a game my children and I play when it’s raining or too cold to play outside.  If you would like to see the game I dubbed as hot lava be sure to click HERE. 

Chris recently attended his son’s Christmas recital.  Chris mentioned that everyone seems to dress differently during this time of the year.  He mentioned a pea coat obsession and parents looking as if they purchased their clothes at a Banana Republic store before coming to the recital. 

Chris also mentions a funny story about his son as he walked up on stage.  Chris felt a bit embarrassed but I think what he talks about has happened to all parents.  I found it to be a crack up.

Future American Dad Videos

Making the best podcast we possibly can for the audience will be our first priority.  As time goes on we will add more videos and more dad blog articles.  If you have any ideas of videos you would like to see or topics you would like us to cover, be sure to message us on Facebook.

American Dad Movie Review

Hobbit Movie ReivewChris took his two oldest boys to see the Hobbit.  Chris said that the movie was very well done and apparently was the prequel to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  Chris isn’t a big fantasy fan but one of his sons is very much a fantasy fan.  Chris recommends it but be warned that it is a PG-13 movie. 

Connecticut School Shooting

Our country was shaken by the recent school shooting that took place in Connecticut.  The shooting has really made me rethink the current security that exists not only with the school my children attend but schools all over the United States.  Many cities have police officers that are assigned to schools and make their presence well known. Unfortunately police officers can’t be in all places at once and even if they could be it is likely that they would be able to prevent a school shooting in the future. 

So Chris, Luka and I discuss some possible remedies or solutions that could help prevent more incidents like this in the future.  We didn’t agree on all the solutions but I personally believe that our children’s safety has no price too high. Whether we hire armed security, more police or even have parents act as a detour to possible incidents anything is worth trying.

These mass shootings are becoming more and more of a trend.  There have been church shootings and movie theatre shoots that have taken place not that long ago.   My personal belief is that security needs to be ramped up everywhere.  It is not the answer to the problem at hand but a band aid until there is a change in the belief system of main stream society.  But that is a much bigger topic then I can’t write about today.

Enjoy the podcast.

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