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American Dad Podcast #8: Parents teasing their children. Is it abuse?

Chris and I (Andrew) are back from the Christmas break and are ready to resume recording the weekly podcast.  Luka had a bit too much on his plate to make it to this recording but he will likely be in studio for the recording of episode #9.

Chris and I review what we did during the Christmas holiday. Chris had to work on Christmas day but was able to watch all the presents being opened before he had to leave for work.  Chris recalls how annoyed he became with all the family fights that he was called to during the work day.  He had to keep reminding citizens how lucky they were to be with their families on Christmas day.

I spent the week of Christmas with my family and my mother was able to spend the entire Christmas week with us in Washington.  My kids don’t get to see my side of the family too often so I am glad they were able to spend so much time with their grandmother while she was visiting.  We had a very good time together even though everyone was sick (except for my daughter).

iPhone apps for Parents

Telenav appThis week we discussed two iPhone apps that will help parents all over the world.  The first app we discussed with the TeleNav GPS app. This application is free and gives you turn by turn directions.  If you want a voice to give you directions there may be a slight fee.  Since I don’t pay for the voice I hear a beep when my turn is coming up.

Chris recommends the Google Maps application that is new to the iPhone but has been on the Android phones Google Mapsfor quite awhile.  The Google Maps app gives you turn by turn directions and is likely superior to any other GPS application on the market.

Give both a test and see which one you like the best.  I typically use TeleNav when my regular GPS can’t give me the right address.

Spending time with your Spouse

In this episode Chris and I get into some topics that really count.  As Chris was talking about his recent trip to San Francisco with his wife, he emphasized the importance of spending time with your spouse away from the kids.  His main point was that couples need to continue to grow together and continue to have things in common outside of their kids.  I agreed with Chris entirely as sometimes we (husbands/fathers) forget that our wives need to know there are appreciated.

Viral Video of Mother Teasing her Child

Chris brought a video to my attention that showed a mother giving her child a hard time.   The son was on Ebay and apparently thought he purchased a 50 thousand dollar Mustang.  His mother played along even though the son didn’t actually purchase anything.  After he got upset and cried the mother revealed he had not purchased anything at all.  The video then went viral and made it on to Fox News where they tried to say the mother went to far.

Chris and I both agreed that there are way bigger things going on in the world then this sad excuse for a news story.  We essentially both defended the mother and talk about our experiences with our parents teasing or joking around with us as kids.  After we get into the topic we somehow end up talking about bullying.  The Bullying topic can be a episode all by itself.

To see this video click here.

We look forward to next week’s podcast.  Thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to say hi on Facebook.

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