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Praying with your Spouse- Opening the Door of Communication

“Your homework this week will be to pray with your spouse”, I was told.  It never occurred to me to pray with my wife after 11 years of marriage.  I never saw married couples do it and certainly never saw my own parents do it.  I never even heard it mentioned in church however I could definitely see the importance of it.

What I have realized after a few days of praying with my wife (just her and I) is that it is playing a positive role in our communication and is bringing us closer together.  And as I write this I don’t want it to just be “homework for the week”, I want it to be part of our routine every night.

A few things I have learned over the past month is to put a great deal of trust in God, that I need to strive to be a better husband daily and that I need to be more patient especially with my wife.  All three of these things can be difficult to do if you are not use to doing them.  It’s like learning a new skill.

As much as I thought I knew about marriage and how it was suppose to be, I find out frequently how much I don’t know about it.

I remember doing premarital counseling with a pastor from my wife’s church before we were married.  My soon to be wife was in another state at the time of our counseling and we did the weekly meetings over the phone.  I believe we were also required to read a premarital book.  I still remember him telling us he would not marry couples of uneven yoke (one being a Christian and one not).  He would marry couples that were both of the same faith or both that were not of any faith.  I think he said the type of couples he married had a better success rate as there was not a spiritual divide.

But even with premarital counseling, it is still not enough to prepare any man or woman for marriage.  Throughout the time a couple is married each person grows in different ways and you know a great deal about your spouse, especially when they are unhappy.

It probably sounds like I am not “pro” premarital counseling but I am.  In fact do as much as you can to prepare yourself to be a good partner for your future husband or wife.  It might save you a great deal of heart ache in the future.

With that being said I am going to continue praying with my wife and would recommend it to any couple.

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