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Quick Halloween Safety Tips and Ideas When Trick or Treating

Halloween is just a couple days away.  The American Dad Podcast Hosts are excited to spend time with their families during this day.  Each host as you may have heard has their own way of celebrating this day with their family.  Below are just a few things to keep in mind this Halloween.

Chris (the police officer) will be the first one to tell you how important it is to be safe when trick or treating at night.

Safety Basics

Have a Flashlight

Be sure to have a flash light with you so you can see in the dark and others can see you.  There are plenty of neighborhoods that are not well lit and may cause some safety concerns.  I (Andrew) can tell you that I will be carrying one this year because my son must have tripped over uneven cement 3 times last year.  Given he still manages to trip over even cement during the day but I want to prevent some falls this year.

Stick Together

Keep your kids (or group) close together.  Letting the kids run ahead of you might be cause for concern with driver on the street not paying attention.

Mall Trick or Treating

If you would like to stay in a well lit area, going to a mall to trick or treat may be the ideal area for you.  Check to see if your nearby mall is participating in the holiday.

Suggestions for you this Halloween- From Andrew, Luka and Chris

Andrew- As you may have heard on the podcast I will likely be trick or treating around my immediate neighborhood.  After doing this we are likely going to head to our church because they are doing some fun stuff for the kids (bouncy house, games, etc..) .  I personally like to make sure my kids get to experience the same things I did as a kid. I am sure I am not the only father out there that has this feeling.

If you need somewhere safe to go I am sure there are many churches in your area or city promoted functions that you can attend.

Chris- In the podcast Chris said he was going to the high end, gated community where the “well to do” people are.  Chris knows that this specific neighborhood which is a gated community is extremely safe.  Most importantly Chris knows that good candy comes from this specific neighborhood.  Chris says he likes to “Win” on Halloween.  Translation: Get the best Candy

Luka- With his newborn Luka will not likely be taking his little one out to trick or treat.  Luka said he likes to pass out candy or take his nieces and nephews out in his neighborhood.  Luka mention some memories of when he was a child and how they had “Trunk or Treat” at his local church.  Luka said church members would park in the church parking area, open their trunks and hand out candy.  Children would trick or treat from vehicle to vehicle.

I hope maybe what one of us is doing this Halloween/Harvest Day may spark an idea for you and your family.  Regardless of how you spend this Halloween, be safe and have fun!

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