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Thanksgiving Podcast Episode #4: Combining Family Traditions

Thanksgiving has come and gone however, this show was recorded roughly a week prior to Thanksgiving.  Luka called in sick for this episode and did not make it for the recording.  Chris and I knew that this time would come and we managed to carry on without him for the episode.  In this episode we cover a variety of topics as Thanksgiving approached and Christmas is not too far away.


Chris has been extremely busy with work and doing the best he can to be a good father and husband when he has time outside of work.

Turkey Fryer
Soft tip darts

I have been pretty busy with work as well. The wife and I pulled out all of the carpet and padding in the downs stairs area in preparation for carpet to be installed. On that night we had a “date night”.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and then went to a dart tournament.  The wife threw some awesome darts and helped us along to the finals.  We were pretty happy to see that we had our dart skills intact.  Hopefully we can get into a dart league in the near future.  (ADD dart picture)

I purchased a Turkey Fryer this year from Home Depot.  Since my father fries his Turkey every year he helped me on Thanksgiving and the turkey turned out great.


Chris had a close call with Mason.  Mason was watching television and began saying a word that concerned Chris.  Chris was concerned that he had to many verbal slip ups recently and Mason was remembering what he was saying. To hear more about the funny incident tune into the podcast.

My 8 year old daughter is growing much too fast for me.  Recently she has become more bossier with her brother. Her mother and I have tried to let her know that we have the parenting situation under control.   Chris indicated his son Jaden has begun to do the same thing with his younger brothers.   On a good note Chris didn’t remember me bossing him around when we were kids.

Products and Movies 


As a sentimental parent I am huge into capturing memories by pictures and video.  Chris and I were very fortunate that our parents captured much of our childhood on video.  We have both continued to be adamant in capturing our family moments on video.

With technology changing Chris and I discuss the need to upgrade your video camera if you have not already done so and I recommend a video camera that I have been using a couple of years and happens to be on sale in WalMart at the moment which is a Sony DCR-SX44.  The camera is small, compact and can easily fit in a pants or coat pocket which is great if need quick access to your video camera for a family moment.  The video camera uses a SD memory card which can be easy to store and wont’ deteriorate as fast as 8mm or Mini DV tapes.


Chris has been using Instagram quite a bit lately to take photos of his family.  Like many parents, Chris takes more pictures with is iPhone/Smart phone then his regular camera because it is more convenient.  Instagram allows the picture taker to add filters to the picture to enhance the picture.  It’s definitely a worthwhile application if you enjoy taking pictures and like to share pictures.


We discuss a bit about the new Twilight movie and how we essentially don’t have the excitement that our wives have for the movie. We briefly discuss 50 Shades of Gray. It was brief because I know nothing about the book.  Chris tried to catch me up on the book however it just didn’t seem to be my cup of tea.

Chris discusses how his son has jumped on the He-Man train since being exposed to the iPad/iPhone game which was discussed on a previous episode.  Chris talked about an old movie called Masters of the Universe.  Chris’s son was able to catch a little bit of the movie on Youtube.  I remember watching that moving in the theaters.  Did anyone else see that movie when it came out?


Chris had to make a decision as whether to work on Thanksgiving or to stay home with the family.  Chris decided that it would be better for him to work on that day so that the overtime could pay for Christmas gifts.  Chris knew he would be able to stop in on the festivities during his lunch hour.

Choosing to work on a holiday can be a very difficult decision.  As husbands and parents I think we are always trying to get ahead financially.  I find it to be a never ending cycle.  I however planned to be home this Thanksgiving with my family.  My father flew up for the Thanksgiving holiday and I wanted to be able to give all my attention to him while he was with us.


Thanksgiving is a holiday that typically requires families to mix traditions and food.  I grew up with a normal traditional Thanksgiving.  We had all the typical foods present each year.  Deserts mainly consisted of pumpkin and chocolate pie.

After moving to Washington and being closer to my wife’s family, we spent our Thanksgivings with her family.  Every year the food is outstanding but there were two things in particular that were a bit different.  The first thing was how her family didn’t use gravy on anything. It wasn’t even on the table.  I had grown accustom in my life to having gravy present at every Thanksgiving. This was a bit shocking at first but the food was good regardless.  Over time gravy has been added primarily because of my request.

The second difference was that my wife’s family which came from Argentina served different deserts.  I quickly found out that they were not pie fans, or at the very least pumpkin and chocolate pie fans.  Over the years pumpkin pie has made it to the desert menu on Thanksgiving which I am very thankful for.

These two examples are no big deal when it comes to combining traditions but I am sure there are some more drastic examples from the readers and listeners.  What I have noticed between families is the combining of traditions and the forming of new ones.

The American Dad Podcast would love to hear any tradition combining stories you may have.  You can contact us on the contact page of the American Dad Podcast website or say hi on the I Support American Dads facebook page.

There is much more on this episode.  Hope you enjoy it.  Thanks for listening!


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