Fat Dad Update #1

It has been a few weeks since I wrote “I am too Fat to Play With my Kids”.  My wife and I have been ramping up to a better eating and healthier lifestyle.  We both have done some moderate exercise but it really hasn’t amounted to very much for my weight loss. Our church has […]

#48: Is Taking Too Many Family Pictures a Bad Thing?

We live in a great age where thousands of photos can be stored on one memory card.  We are no longer limited to a roll of film or the amount of pictures available on a disposable camera.  We don’t miss a moment of anything as parents.  Video cameras and photography cameras have become smaller and […]

Dad Makes a Parody Song of “Let it Go”- Oh and he is a Traffic Reporter

This dad takes things to a whole new level when he changes the lyrics to “Let it Go” from Disney’s movie Frozen to a traffic reporter’s song.  He did an amazing job with the parody even though his coworkers gave him a hard time.

#47: I am too Fat to Play With My Kids

Ya know it wasn’t but about 12 years ago I was a specimen of strength and manliness.  I worked out frequently, I could run 2 miles in 15 minutes  and I could bench press over 250 pounds.    There wasn’t very much I couldn’t do at 25 years of age.  With that being said, during that […]

Father Videotapes Kids Slipping on Ice – Parenting Fail

Thank goodness for friends searching for hilarious content on the internet and sharing it on Facebook.  A father waiting to pick up his child from school begins videotaping kids slipping on ice over and over again.  One fall after another keeps happening and all the father can do is laugh and comment on each slip […]

A Father Tells Her Future Husband A Story Before He Gives Her Away

I hope I have at least another 20 years before my daughter ties the knot with a man worthy of her heart.   I was extremely lucky to find my wife and truly believe that God picked her for me.  When the time comes I hope God picks a good husband for my daughter. This well […]

#46: Brain Dead Pregnant Woman on Life Support – What Would You Do?

An interesting story was re-reported by UPI that made me want to stand up and clap for the state of Texas.  In Texas a hearing will be held to determine whether to remove a pregnant woman,  Marlise Munoz from life support.    Marlise has been determined to be brain dead.  Apparently the family of Marlise decided […]

#45: Letting Our Children Problem Solve

I remember my brother mentioning to me how he wanted to be the parent that supported teachers with their decisions rather than challenge them every time his child disagreed with something, or they received a bad grade.  It can be tough to be a parent these days.  For some reason it is our nature (now […]

#44: What Keeps us from Pursuing our Spouse’s Heart?

My wife directed me to Jarrid Wilson’s blog post entitled I’m Dating Someone Even Though I am Married.  It’s a subtle hint as to the type of man I need to be. There is a bit of trickery with the title as it makes you think one thing and then you realize half way through […]

Does your child freak out? Watch this baby freak everyone out!

Oh my goodness.  A video for the ages when it comes to freaking out the public.  This is what happens when people with brilliant minds have too much time on their hands.  The reaction from the public is priceless.  I would watch the entire video as every response is classic.