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American Dad Podcast #3: Cheap Family Activites

What can I say about this episode of American Dad Podcast.  Luka gets the show started on the right foot with an awesome unexpected introduction.  I just never know what Luka is going to bring to the show each week but it always ends being entertaining.

This week went by quickly for all of us.  As you know we are all working dads and we get together when we are able to put together a show.  We all look forward to making these and it is our hope that you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoy making them.  We keep trying to make the podcast approximately 45 minutes and managed to get this podcast close to that mark.


What’s been going on

Chris talks about how he hurt himself in the course of doing his job.  He apparently exited his vehicle at such a high rate of speed that his body could not withstand the motion of exiting his vehicle.   This put Chris in quite a bit of pain but he has rebounded nicely.  We or I (Andrew) gave him a hard time about it but he is a good sport.

Luka has been busy working his three jobs.  Luka is a true example of a hard working dad.

I  (Andrew) am in the process of getting ready to have carpet installed.  Our carpet has been stained and beat up over the past 8 years.  It was finally time invest in some new carpet.  I am sure my kids and wife will be happy after it is installed.  My wife has already made some rules regarding foot wear after we get the new carpet.

Parenting Apps

Each week we recommend iPhone applications for parents and for kids.  This week we recommend the following iPhone Apps:

Sex Offender Search by Life 360

I first came across this application while writing for my other blog.  The Sex Offender Search application allows the user to search the United States to determine the general location where sex offenders reside.  The website does not give the exact address of the offender but will give the street and block number.  The application will also provide a picture of the offender, their height and weight and their offense.

I mentioned in the podcast that I would use this application for a variety of reasons but one in particular would be when choosing a daycare or where you are going to live.  I might not have moved to my current home had I known there were registered sex offenders in the area.  It doesn’t hurt to have this application on your smart phone.

Disney’s Where’s my Water?

This is a great apps for kids and parents

The Disney’s Where’s my Water game application is relatively new to me even though it’s been on the market for quite awhile.  My age recommendation for this game would be ages 3 and older.  The game is essentially a unconventional puzzle.  The object of the game is to get water from above the dirt area into the pipe that leads to a shower. In the shower is alligator that is waiting for clean water.  The game is quite entertaining and is definitely recommended by the American Dad Podcast team.

NOAA Hi-Def Radar by WeatherSphere

Luka highly recommends this app for those who are interested in the weather.  He believes that this would be a good application if you are interested in doing family outdoor activities and you want to make sure you are not going to get rained on.  This application is $1.99 on iTunes and has over 8,000 ratings  that are 5 stars.



UNO (the card game)

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Uno Card Game

Recently my family has really enjoyed playing the UNO game.  My son who is 4 has picked up the game pretty good and my 8 year old daughter loves beating me and my wife.  I have found that it gives me an opportunity to teach my kids good sportsmanship and help my son identify numbers.  My son really gets a kick out of the wild cards and picking a different color.


The Walking Dead

Very Addictive

Recently Chris and I have been really excited about a television series that is relatively new.  The show is on AMC and is called The Walking Dead.  I will admit that I am not a zombie movie fan but there is something different about this television series that makes this show something special.  Apparently the idea for the show came from a comic book which is pretty neat.  I watched season 1 and 2 on Netflix. This is not an child’s television show.  This is a mature audience show for those interested in adventure and a good story line.

Catch this show Sunday nights on the AMC channel.


I don’t know that we provided any original ideas for family activities under twenty dollars however it’s likely that what we do might spark an idea for your family.  Entertainment seems is becoming more expensive every year.  But just because typical entertainment is getting expensive doesn’t mean you have to settle for less fun.  Chris, Luka and myself share the following cheap family activities in the podcast.

  • Feeding the ducks.  There is typically always somewhere relatively close where people feed birds (or ducks in my case).  I typically purchase some cheap loaves of bread and head over to a nearby area where the ducks hangout.  The kids get a kick out of feeding them and so do my wife and I.  It’s a simple experience and memory that you will cherish with your family.
  • Rent a Movie/Popcorn/ 2 $5.00 Pizza’s.  My family and I do this just about every Friday.  After we get off of work we pickup a movie from the Red Box or buy it through the Apple TV.  We buy popcorn and we pick up a couple of $5.00 pizzas from Little Caesars. The kids always look forward to Fridays and quite frankly so do the wife and I.
  • Picnic in the Park.  Several times during the summer we make sandwiches and head to the park for a little picnic.  After we eat we all play in the park.
  • Take a walk in the Mall. I take the kids to the mall to window shop and because there is typically a play set where the kids can play with other kids.  My littlest one enjoys playing with other kids the most at this point. We do this often during the rainy season.
  • Take a Walk. During good weather days we go for walks around the block and just talk with the kids.
  • Bake.  Luka used to make meatloaf as a kid and still has good memories doing it.  My wife bakes muffins with the kids and has them help with the process.
  • Go to the lake and throw rocks.  Chris and I both do this with our families.
  • Frozen Yogurt Trip. Chris takes small outings with the family to get yogurt.  This is relativity inexpensive to do.
  • House Shopping.  Chris is in the market for a new home.  With that being said, walking through new and used homes is part of the process to finding a new home.  The kids love to see the homes and of course parents love it too.  Heck house shopping is fun even if you are not in the market at all.
  • Taking a Drive.  Get out of the house and explore.  Chris and I do this quite for similar reasons.  We want to get out of the house.
  • Hunting for Crawdads.  Luka used to get expired food and catch crawdads with his friends.
  • Driving Range.  Get a couple buckets of balls and take the kids to the driving range.  It’s a great way to burn energy and its a good sport for kids to learn.  I wish I would have learned how to golf much earlier in my life.
  • Fishing.  If you have the fishing poles then all you need is a lunch and some bait.  This is something I still need to do with my children.  I had some good memories as a child fishing.
Thanks for listening and reading,
American Dad Podcast Team


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