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#33: Summer is Gone and it Stinks-I am Already Missing my Children

As I write this the school is only days away from starting again.  Summer is coming to a close and I almost feel as if I didn’t do enough with my family.  I get the thoughts of, ” If I only had more time this summer we could have done more.,”  or If I had only taken the wife and kids to this location or that location I wouldn’t feel as if we hadn’t done enough.

I think that if I take a step back and to reflect on what we did as a family this summer compared to other families or even what my wife and I did as kids in the Summer, I would say we did a good job enjoying as much of it as we could.

Now my daughter is starting the 3rd grade and my son is beginning kindergarten.  My daughter told me she thought the summer went by too fast as if she didn’t want it to end.  I know that she enjoys school and socializing with her friends.  So even though she act as if she is not ready for school to start, I think she secretly is excited for it to happen.

Missing my childrenMy son on the other hand appears to be indifferent about school and kindergarten.  He too likes to socialize but I don’t think he has wrapped his head around the idea of school and what to expect.  We have prepped him as much as we can but I think that he needs to see school for first hand to understand how much fun it can be.

I was very sad and filled with anxiety when my daughter started kindergarten many years ago.  I expect that I will feel the same way with my son as he begins kindergarten.  I have had a great time hanging out with him at home and doing things with him on my days off. It stinks because the days I have off during the week after both the kids are in school will likely just be focused on more work (which is a good and bad thing). 

I get torn between wanting my kids to grow up and experience things and this feeling of never wanting the to get any bigger.  I want to hold on to my kids as long as I can.  I can’t help the feeling.  I enjoy being a father and I am enjoying this moment in time so very much. 

I know I am not the only parent that feels like this nor will I be the last.  The feeling just stinks.

As your child grows up what do you struggle with the most?


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